In 1970, Andrew, his parents and younger brother migrated to Auckland, New Zealand. In 1979, at the age of 14, he became seriously ill. A doctor’s misdiagnosis of his condition as a ‘bad cold’ resulted in rheumatic fever, damaging Andrew’s heart valves and becoming untreatable through medication.

Since then, he’s undergone six planned open-heart surgeries and one unscheduled reopening. (According to some health professionals, surviving six open-heart surgeries is a record.) In 2011, Andrew had a pacemaker inserted to regulate his heart. On two different occasions he has died and been revived. Andrew grew up in hospital, and his years in cardiac wards have armed him with life experiences most people will never encounter.

His first book Purple Heart (Random House, 2006) is the story of his years in hospital. Although he must continue to live on a cocktail of medications, he thrives and continues to be an optimist. His work on his next book and speaking engagements, keep him busy.

Keynote Speaker at

Patient Care Asia Conference

Healthcare professionals in Asia are turning their attention to patient-centred care as they take steps to engage patients and their families to reduce the burden on traditional healthcare delivery models. With this continued increase in demand for better quality healthcare services, patient care professionals urgently need groundbreaking solutions and ideas to tackle challenges and bottlenecks.

Positive Schools 2014

Moving into it’s sixth sensational year, Positive Schools ‘Voices for Wellbeing’ supports wellbeing and mental health in all Australian primary and secondary schools and colleges. In 2014 we examine the relationships between MENTAL HEALTH, CREATIVITY and TECHNOLOGY as powerful voices for building engagement, motivation, sustained wellbeing and flourishing school communities.


Dr Helen Street & Neil Porter

Edited by the organisers of Positive Schools 2014 and featuring 27 of the world’s expert advocates for youth mental health and wellbeing, this is a book of up-to-date strategies for helping children flourish. You too can help children develop a lifelong love of learning with this practical and positive guide.

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Passion fuelled talks that move

Facing death six times is terrifying. Dying twice is liberating.

Harnessing the fear is empowering.

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“Look, we all have hard lives, no-one is immune. The key is how to move forward despite all the drag weighing you down. ‘Tomorrow’s another day’ as they say but it’s only another day if you cruise. It’s going to be a fantastic day if you know deep down inside that you will achieve at least one thing. Despite my own lack of formal education I can tell you that education is  key to confronting and eliminating poverty. Show me a child that can read well and is enthusiastic about learning and I will show you a child that will succeed. “

Andrew Fiu , tweets at #lifeafter6 and has spoken to over 20,000 students through the NZ Writers in Schools program.